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Some problems with Norton Internet Security Programs and Some Solutions  

There is a lot of malicious code on the internet. Unprotected computers can easily be wiped out by casual internet surfers. Norton Internet Security software, which Symantec Corporation makes, is a popular security program that protects your computer against all kinds of internet threats. Every program is different, and even the most trusted program can have its good points as well as its bad. Norton Internet Security includes a firewall, but there are other issues that you need to be aware of. This article will discuss some of the common problems that Norton Firewall can cause. Read more now on usergorilla

Mac Security Update

Norton’s firewall and Internet Security 3.0 have caused no problems when updating Mac OS X 2003. Some computers were unable to reboot after the July 14, 2003 update was applied. The only way to save those computers was to use another device such as an installation disc for the operating system. Older versions of this software users should be cautious when updating their computer systems.

Blocking Internet Access

Sometimes, the Norton firewall may block JavaScript or websites that are considered dangerous. It can also block browsers. Norton could be blocking your browser if you get an error message saying “Server not Found”. It could be blocking your browser by displaying “Connect attempt unsuccessful” These JavaScript errors and other problems can be corrected by changing settings within Norton.

Flaw Requiring patch

Some flaws in the Norton Security program’s older versions may have allowed hackers to hack your computer. This included the firewall program. Symantec Company released a patch via its Live Update service in 2004 to correct this problem. You can apply the patch manually or through LiveUpdate if you are concerned about your Norton program version.


You can change the privacy settings on your computer if Norton Internet Security prevents you from accessing certain websites. You can change the strength or disable Norton firewall temporarily to gain access. Norton Internet Security may still cause problems after you have temporarily disabled it. In this case, you can manually start the Norton program. This will prevent Windows from loading the program every time the computer starts.